Surface mounted modular LED system in extruded aluminium available with magnets, mounting clips, L brackets. Mounting clips version vertically adjustable 0º-30º in two directions. L brackets version vertically adjustable 0º-45º in two directions.
Available in different length configurations based on a 45mm link (1 LED per link) with a 55mm increment. Miniature section 14mm width and 13mm height. Its flexible structure maintain a constant 30mm pitch between the LED.
Flexible in three dimensions thanks to its unique joint system. Integrated magnets for easy installation.

LED Sources

Power Led. CRI: 97 | R9: >90 | CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K | 3-Step McAdam
Other CRI and CCT options available on request.


Beam angle: elliptical (22° x 47°) / 21° / 29°


Remote driver to be order separately.
Work with 1050mA Constant Current LED Driver (60W) positioned remotely.
Suggested Driver: GreAlpha SLD 60 CC


Mounting accessories included. Extension cable to be order separately.


Miniature linear light with a disappearing look emitting a spot light. Ideal solution for display showcase and under cabinet illumination. Its chain structure permit to illuminate curved architectonic surface.

Application areas: Retail, cabinet displays, showcases, jewelry and precious items display and showcases, residential, restaurants, galleries, museums, showrooms.