In the past retail lighting was used following schemes that make shops all look the same, where light is a functional element of seeing well but does not participate in creating the mood to immerse customers in a proper sales experience.

At Frezzato Pharmacy Romano Baratta use the light to alter the perception of space. Thanks to motorized technology the light guide and direct people to enjoy the sales experience and induce customers to take action, without intrusive and annoying sales methods.

In the lighting of the Frezzato Pharmacy, there are different illumination levels that, when orchestrated together, allowed to obtain a luminous symphony that will be evident to the customers.

A basic level: a functional lighting that allows to see better the products on display, fundamental for a good reading of the packaging. An advanced level: different areas distinguished with light marking different type of product, through the use of different color temperatures, distribution of light and use of color underlines. A metric composition of light, dark and shades.

Above these two levels, Baratta introduces a third one, a dynamic level. Using motorized fixture, the lighting designer puts the light in motion not as a simple dynamic attraction, but as a subtle and basic communication. The light, moving, allows customers to recognize immediately new products, or, based on the hours of the day exploit the expressive force of color to mark the areas where to look, indicating the products to be observed, different during the day.

Light where it is needed, when is needed and how is needed, but above all a light that tells and communicates.