Based in West London, this new Hub unifies the British technological teams of one of the biggest global fashion online retailer in a 70,000sqft office, housing 500 staff a stones throw from the company HQ in Westfield shopping centre.

Grimshaw design team effectively translated the architectural values of smart technology, flexibility and sustainability into the interior fit-out. The Tech Hub is comprised of natural materials, ample greenery with over 2400 individual plants, innovative lighting and furniture with various pods and seating configurations to enable staff to work freely around the space.

The project LED luminaires are equipped with motion sensors, timers, the option to control the light intensity and the colour temperature of the light by hand-held remote.

Motorized remote controlled luminaires were installed in the multi-functional area, allowing users to pan and tilt them remotely and adapt the lighting scenes accordingly for different types of events held in the space.

Product launches and events are held in this multi-functional area, which holds up to 175 people, and contains flexible furniture options including stools, which are stacked within the walls.

A combination of surface mounted linear LED fixtures and motorized lighting fixtures ensure a multitude of lighting scenarios to customise the illumination of each event accordingly.

A calm and refined atmosphere is created throughout the office, through the choice of materials, which includes timber, concrete, velvet, leather, felt, bronze and ceramics. The lighting design contributes to the experience by enhancing those materials.

On the ground floor, intelligent lighting design was created to compliment the effects of the natural light beaming through the wide glass roof above the ample open central area, which was designed to recreate the essence of an Italian iazzetta?inside the office, where employees can meet, work and relax. This space winds around work areas, kitchens, meeting rooms and video conferencing booths. The effects of the wall mounted outdoor lighting are also enjoyed at the later times of the day and early evenings.