A big wooden installation composed of stylized pending and moving fish is placed on the ceiling of Moya’s Restaurant. The lighting design focus on the sculpture creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere, leaving to the customers the feeling of being under the sea water.

Wall mounted Zero Due fixtures indirectly illuminate the sculpture, generating an alternation of lights and shadows reflected throughout the room. The light effect increases the feeling of movement and contributes to make the sculpture the absolute protagonist, while the rest of the environment enjoys a relaxing atmosphere.

The lighting design has also focus to create the perfect illumination for the sushi bar trough the use of under-cabinet lighting with high CRI which illuminate adequately the work area with the right quality and quantity of light.

The edge of the counter is illuminated from above with Micro Polo projectors mounted on special long rods. This solution allows to bring the light in a not obstructive way directly on the main part of the counter.

The bar walls are illuminated using under shelve linear lights, which are able to enhance ,with a contrast between lights and shadows, the stylized geometries of the bamboo cane decoration throughout its perimeter.

The lighting scheme is completed by the outdoor illumination. The entrance of the restaurant is illuminated using surface mounted round fixtures, which give a diffused and massive quantity of light to the ambience. For the side wall has been used wall mounted fixtures deliver a decorative supernaroow blade of light illumination.

Photography: Matteo Mezzalira