Wall-mount uplight that indirectly bounces light back into your environment, the Lucciole wall lighting series is a blend of beauty and elegance.
An L-shaped fixture body of 95×160mm connects the lamp to the wall. The chromeplated fixture body and the use of non-toxic acrylic glass in a lamp adds to its decorative appeal while also ensuringits durability.

Inspired by Firefly’s ability of natural glow, it features a lamp’s body of various shapes, sizes and designs .
A very eco-friendly and 100% recyclable lighting with diffuse light distribution.
No accessories available.
SMD LED 6.5W, CRI >90, CCT : 3000K, 4000K, 636lm.
COB LED 6.5W, CRI >90, CCT : 1800K, 3000K, 636lm.
Acrylic glass, non-toxic, non-harmful.
More light and transparent than glass.
It is supplied with an integrated non-dimmable driver 0-10V.
Casambi, DALI on request.
The Lucciole’s goal is to be a lighting system that provides elegant lighting effects, suitable for environments where the decorative aspect has a scenic function.
Application areas: residential, hotels, restaurants, retail, corridors.