All channel parts in extruded aluminium. Luminaire spot body in cast aluminium, luminaire connection arm in extruded aluminium.
Clean, unobtrusive trimless installation with above-ceiling suspension. Easy modular structure with 150mm, 200mm and 90° “L” unit.
The system is completed by traverse set, end set and end cover plate. 3 circuit track mounted inside the channel. Spotlight units are mounted on the top or side of channel interior.
Possibility to upgrade the system after the installation adding fixtures or circuits.

LED Sources

For light source data refer to the single spotlight technical information.


Lens or reflector, according with the single spotlight technical information.


Driver not included or integrated, according with the chosen spotlight. Different diming options available on request.


Accomodation modules for: fire sprinklers, surveilance camera, HVAC diffuser, speakers, WiFi access point available upon request.


A comprehensive range of trimless multi - directional display lighting system available in wide variety of sizes and configurations, using a wide option of lamp types. Application areas: retail, museums, galleries, exhibits, jewelry shops, residential, lift lobbies.