Zero 38 framing projector is an advanced, multi-functional EVO track-mounted projector, tiltable vertically 0°-90° and rotatable horizontally 350°. With built-in bidirectional zooming lens with sharpness adjustability, and lens rotation. Available in regular and long arm version for deep recessed and pendant EVO track.
Fully adjustable shutters to reframe the beam to the desired size and shape (circle, square/ rectangle, or irregular four-sided shapes). Compatible with Gobo insertion for logo.
High precision optics for sharp outlines and a high degree of lighting uniformity.

Zero 38 framing projector is available with Casambi or DALI control options. DALI dimmable fixtures can also be controlled by Casambi DALI Broadcast device.

LED Sources

High Rendering:
CRI: 97 | CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.


Framing and shape lens included in the specific projector.
Contact us for custom-made logo projection lens.