Moto-Polaris linear down light solution offers precision-oriented advanced lighting technology and clean lines in a scaled-down size, ideal for applications requiring unparalleled light distribution and visual comfort in neutral, structured and minimalist architecture.

RefIecting LED, energy-saving, controlled luminance out of a miniaturized aperture and onto its diamond shaped, angeled facets. Fully fIexible with remote controlled adjustability and in versions of various light-head configurations.

Application areas: retail, window displays, galleries, restaurants, hotels, hospitality, events, residential.

  • 10 - Black
  • 11 - White
  • CI
  • CE
  • LED
  • IP20
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
Moto-Polaris 12 M617-903034DL LED 29W 1738 C30-3000K >90 D34-34°
Moto-Polaris 12 M617-904034DL LED 29W 1875 C40-4000K >90 D34-34°
Moto-Polaris 12 M617-903050DL LED 29W 1640 C30-3000K >90 D50-50°
Moto-Polaris 12 M617-904050DL LED 29W 1768 C40-4000K >90 D50-50°
Moto-Polaris 8 M618-903034DL LED 19W 1160 C30-3000K >90 D34-34°
Moto-Polaris 8 M618-904034DL LED 19W 1250 C40-4000K >90 D34-34°
Moto-Polaris 8 M618-903050DL LED 19W 1094 C30-3000K >90 D50-50°
Moto-Polaris 8 M618-904050DL LED 19W 118 C40-4000K >90 D50-50°