Forma Lighting was first established in the UK in 1967 by fraternal partners Lorenzo & Guido Maghnagi. Under the leadership of its experienced directors, through over 40 years of quality achievement, Forma’s vision to compete as a leading lighting manufacturer materialized with the establishment of its wholly owned manfacturing facility, European headquarters and distribution center in Milan, Asia Headquarters in Hong Kong and Sales office in Shanghai.

Demonstrating Forma’s commitment to our relationships with lighting designers, architects, distributors, project managers and suppliers - all of whom integrate their own industry experience via unique specifications - Forma Lighting readily invests its resources to meet any challenging requisite through European design, intricate craftsmanship and high-tech engineering processes, while maintaining our competitive edge and integrity. Our comprehensive catalogue offering is in turn chacarterized by these evolved ranges of high quality luminaires that have elevated Forma Lighting’s market position to become a global front runner.