Project: Mian Dui Mian - Chinese Restaurant
Location: MGM Cotai, Macau, 2018

Quality meets convenience in a bright, casual space at Mian Dui Mian serves up tasty, fast and comforting food, drawing together North and South of China. Watch how skilled chefs craft northern-style dumplings and regional Chinese noodles from scratch and cook them in our show kitchen. The restaurant works 24 hours a day inside the casino zone.

A mixture of architectural and purely decorative pendant lamps lights the main space of the restaurant. On the walls inside special showcase, some precious ceramic works are lit by discrete high CRI spotlights. Recessed lamps and cove linear lights inserted in the inlays of the wooden ceiling complete the lighting scheme, which offers a relaxing and easy atmosphere to a room where customers come and go endlessly, to take a break between bets.

Along with the many noodles and dumpling dishes on offer, congee and rice dishes from around Asia are also available. In addition, our carefully crafted traditional beverage favorites ranging from Hong Kong-style milk tea, lemon tea to freshly squeezed juices are a must, and can be customized to your liking.

Photography: Grischa Rueschendorf