Project: Hotel CampZero
Architect: Nisi Magnoni, NM-Architetti, Milano (interior design); Studio Bladldea, Torino (architectural design)
Location: Champoluc, Italy

Designed to offer a new approach to hospitality where unique experiences and adventures are paired with luxury and comfort. The resort is nestled right at the feet of Monte Rosa, the second tallest mountain in Western Europe, here the terrain is vast and diverse: rivers and lush woods surround the property and imposing mountains and peaks are CampZero’s backdrop.

Built between 2016 and 2018 CampZero has been engineered to bring together design, innovation, tradition and sustainability whilst remaining in tune with the surrounding landscape. CampZero’s project was brought to life by Studio Bladldea, for the external structure, and NM Architetti, for the interior, with the aim of creating a structure that would blend with the landscape and offer guests a constant feeling of peace and comfort. To achieve this image, both architects focused on using natural materials, paying close attention to details and ensuring sustainability throughout.

In the breakfast lounge NM Architetti used Palla In&Out and a some special bespoken reindeer decorative luminaire.