Project: Five Foot Road Restaurant
Lighting Designer: Owen Xuan & Peter Veale, Firefly Point of View Lighting Design
Architect: Chhada Siembieda and Associates (Interior Design)
Location: MGM Cotai. Macau, China

Situated on the ground floor of the new MGM – Cotai, the Five Foot Road is directed by Chef Yang Deng Quan and named after the width of the carts that travelled along the ancient Silk Road specialises in Sichuan cuisine, but also boasts both amazing interior and lighting design schemes.

The restaurant is going to take the guest on an extraordinary journey through the savoury and intense flavours of Sichuan culinary traditions and set to become Macau’s haven for spice lovers.

The restaurant’s design fuses artistry and poetry, with traditional motifs and modern aesthetic recalling the charm of this historic route that connected China and Europe.

The interior design is very much inspired by the traders’ journey, with each table being offered a different vista evoking images experienced along the route. These views are accented with linear lighting hidden within bespoke details for maximum effect and minimal glare and disturbance to the diners. Curtains of glass also provide partitions between tables and add another layer of light to the space, while bars and serveries are also brought to the fore with accents of light. Anti-glare downlights highlight each table, because no matter how beautiful the restaurant, the food is also the star.

The same types of lighting fixture are carried into the stylish Tea Lounge area allow consistency on lighting effect and easy maintenance, these fixtures are working with the lighting control seamlessly to transform this import greeting space from daytime as a tea house became night bar opens till late!

The illumination enhances the elegant space adorn with beautiful calligraphic poems, creating a meeting spot for travellers to Macau, where guests can savour a variety of beverages including traditional Sichuan Kung Fu tea.

Photography: Grischa Rueschendorf.