Bring history to life with precision contouring from formalighting's Zero Projector Framework solutions. Ideal for galleries and museums, the Zero Framing Projectors 18 & 28 are professional micro spotlights that guarantee exceptional illumination for even the smallest of artefacts.

Adjustable without tools, these luminaires can be easily adapted as display spaces change. Whilst their compact footprint means all eyes are on the displays, and not the light source.

Advanced, multi-functional LED track mounted projector, tiltable vertically 0°-90° and rotatable horizontally 350°. With built-in bidirectional zooming lens with sharpness adjustability, and lens rotation.
Adjustable shutters to re-frame the beam to the desired size and shape (circle, square/rectangle, or irregular four-sided shapes). 

Compatible with Gobo insertion for logo.
High-precision optics for sharp outlines and high degree of lighting uniformity.