Advanced & Multi functional LED surface mounted spot, Zero Projector offers a high-precision illumination with sharp outlines and a high degree of lighting uniformity.
The versatile aiming angle is tiltable vertically 0°-90° and rotatable horizontally 350°.
Framing Projector spot features four adjustable shutters allowing the beam to be framed to the desired size shape (circle, square/rectangle, or irregular 4 sided shapes).
It offers options of bidirectional zooming lens for resolving complex focal points, project sharpness adjustment, and lens rotation. Furthermore, it allows gobo insertion for logo
projection easily and has an on-board knob to adjust the dimming and a switch to change the CCT.

LED Sources

COB LED with 3 CCT Options
CRI: 97 | CCT: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K | 2700K, 4000K, 6000K.

Other CRI and CCT options, Tuneable White, DimToWarm RGB/W versions available on request.


Zoomable Lens System with 4 adjustable shutters to control
the shape and size of the projection area.
Available beam angle range : 15° - 25°/20°- 36°.


Integrated on-board dimming
Other Dimming Options: 0-10V Dim, DALI, Phase, CASAMBI.


Framing and shape lens are included in the specific projector.

Contact us for custom made logo projection lens.


Particularly designed for accent lighting of objects in window display exhibition areas and for the projection of advertising images.

Application areas: museums, hospitality, retail, interior design.