Motorized recessed downlight with square shape mounting trim in cast aluminium with brackets for trim installation on ceiling thickness max. 32mm or trimless installation (only Venus 125) on ceiling thickness max. 25mm. Flat or concave shape luminaire body in cast aluminium with catch retainer for easy trim insertion/removal and integrated steel sheet. Tiltable vertically 0-35° (70) or 0-40° (125) and rotatable horizontally 350° (only 125). The movements of the fixture, as well the intensity and the white colour tuning of the light, are controlled via LaserDim™ remote control or CASAMBI™ application.

LED Sources

Citizen CLU Series. Xicato Artist, Beauty and Designer Series. SORAA SLE Optical Light Engine. CRI: 90, 95, 98 | CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K. Other CRI and CCT options, Tuneable White and DimToWarm versions available on request.


Reflector + diffuser. Narrow, medium and wide beam angle available. LensVector technology to allow beam shaping available on request.


Supplied with LaserDim™ or CASAMBI remote driver. Dimming Options: 0-10V Dim, DALI, DMX, Scene by CASAMBI.


Snap System™ accessories available for SORAA SLE series with narrow beam angle.


Tiny aperture recessed luminaries. The MOTOLUX technology add the versatility to adapt the direction and intensity of light to any type of environment. Application areas: hotels, residential, lobbies, offices, restaurants.