Motorized track mounted spotlight with light head and control gear box in cast aluminium. Moto-Ola is available in 2 light head diameters: 100mm and 130mm. The fixtures are inclusive of three circuit track systems. The control gearbox is available in two different shapes, D and S, too fit different type of drivers. Two DC motors drive the movements of the fixture, tilting them vertically up to 90° in two directions and rotating them horizontally 350°. The movements of the fixture, as well as the intensity and the colour tuning of the light, are controlled via CASAMBI™ application.

LED Sources

COB LED. High Power LED. Lumenetix Full Spectrum. Soraa Light Engine (100). CRI: 90, 95 (100) | CCT: 3000K, 4000K, Full Spectrum. Other CRI and CCT options available on request.


Lens. Narrow, medium and wide beam angle available. Moto-Ola 130 available in wallwasher version.


Dimmable driver integrated in the gear box. Motion Control: Casambi, LaserDim. Dimming Options: Casambi, LaserDim, 0-10V, DALI, DMX. Colour Tuning: Casambi, DMX.


No accessories available


A chic and alluring light fixture, created by formalighting’s passionate designers. The MOTOLUX technology permit to promptly adapt the light to any scene change. Application areas: museums, hotels, restaurants, retail.