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Lighting For Good Charter unveiled

formalighting Winner in the categories of Best Efficacy & Best Maintenance

Lighting designer Tiphaine Treins, alongside Nicolas Martin, Manager of LVMH Lighting, has released the Lighting For Good Charter – a new initiative that seeks to make light fittings more environmentally friendly.

Unveiling the Charter at the end of 2019, Treins said: “The contribution of LED technology to energy savings has been huge over the past 20 years – around 30% compared to older technologies.

“Now, because everybody is running LEDs in lighting, this is the time to enter into the phase of re-designing the fittings, taking care of the environment. This is about circular economy, easier maintenance and removing plastics from this field.”

To begin this initiative, Treins and LVMH created a think tank in May 2018, featuring more than 25 LVMH suppliers. It was during this think tank that they put together the guidelines and listed the criteria that allow the rating of any lighting apparel – this then became the Lighting for Good Charter.

To mark the occasion, Lighting for Good presented awards to a number of manufacturers for their work in creating eco-friendly luminaires, as selected by members of the think tank.