MOTOLUX PRO brings intelligent spotlighting to configurable space with guaranteed accuracy.

Precise movements and dimming are controlled throught the CASAMBI App or DMX.

Simply Set, Save, and Recalling of scenes as desired.

See you in Paris!

SITEM: International trade show for museums, cultural venues and tourist sites: equipment, enhancement & innovation

In preparation for the 25th edition, the founding principles of SITEM remain centred around the analysis and understanding of the global museum: its structure, its operation, its characteristics, its evolutions.

Over 50 years and 2 generations dedicated to design , manufacture and application of functional and innovative solution oriented to high quality architectural , museum and art galleries lighting, formalighting is a global company with a distribution over 30 countries worldwide to improve versality and performance of our international offering.

We create a beautiful, highly efficient beam of light using the latest technologies and quality components. Then we can give you more. The MOTOLUX range puts full control of the light directly into the designers’ hands to adjust pan and tilt, dimming, and even white colour tuning. This is most useful in museums or galleries where frequent scene changes are required. No special setup or equipment is required.



LIT Awards 2020 - Ceiling Lights

The LIT Design Awards ™ was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers.

"We believe that lighting is both an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design."

LIT was envisioned to celebrate creativity and innovation in the fields of lighting products and applications.

Moto-JoJo is the perfect luminaire for designers who want to make their vision a reality and create art from their installations.