Façade luminaire linear system with LED
or for fluorescent lamps

A linear luminaire of extremely compact dimension, has a minimal visual impact and maximum flexibility to make it possible to be integrated discreetly into the architectural of a building to also be used to create continuous light line. It is available in different module lengths. Hinged front cover designed to avoid accumulation of dust or water. Mounting brackets (to be ordered separately) include adjustability for vertical and horizontal mechanical looking system to ensure aiming stability.

End caps and mounting bracket accessories are made in die cast aluminium with integrated 2 cable entries. Housing in extruded aluminium, with toughened safety glass, silicon gasket, breather device and external screws made of stainless steel.

LED source package is available in 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures with wide optical distributions. Or can be used with a preferred LED option including RGB/tunable white. FronteLuce are supplied in fully constructed units with LEDs installed inclusive of integral power supply.

Fronteluce luminaires are stocked in 3 different lengths, also available in version for fluorescent lamps.

Application areas: to illuminate buildings, landmarks façade, under canopy, big sign boards and others for exterior or interior.

  • 29 - Grey
  • CI
  • CE
  • IP66
  • 850
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
Fronteluce LED 3195-RGB LED 12x3W RGB-RGB
Fronteluce LED 3196-RGB LED 18x3W RGB-RGB
Fronteluce LED 3197-RGB LED 24x3W RGB-RGB
Fronteluce LED 3198-K30D25 LED 12x3W 1500 K30-3000K >80 D25-25°
Fronteluce LED 3198-K63D25 LED 12x3W 1800 K63-6300K >80 D25-25°
Fronteluce LED 3199-K30D25 LED 18x3W 2300 K30-3000K >80 D25-25°
Fronteluce LED 3199-K63D25 LED 18x3W 2750 K63-6300K >80 D25-25°
Fronteluce LED 3200-K30D25 LED 24x3W 3000 K30-3000K >80 D25-25°
Fronteluce LED 3200-K63D25 LED 24x3W 3600 K63-6300K >80 D25-25°
Fronteluce LED 3486-K30 LED 41W 3740 K30-3000K >80
Fronteluce LED 3486-K40 LED 41W 4320 K40-4000K >80
Fronteluce LED 3487-K30 LED 61W 5610 K30-3000K >80
Fronteluce LED 3487-K40 LED 61W 6480 K40-4000K >80
Fronteluce LED 3488-K30 LED 82W 7480 K30-3000K >80
Fronteluce LED 3488-K40 LED 82W 8640 K40-4000K >80
Fronteluce T5 3159 T5 G5 14/24W
Fronteluce T5 3160 T5 G5 21/39W
Fronteluce T5 3161 T5 G5 28/54W
Fronteluce T5 3162 T5 G5 35/49/80W