DomoLED Round

Surface fixed spotlight with LED

This minimalist design incorporates evolved LED technology and a front regressed diffuser, including light thermal management resulting from passive cooling, in order to provide IR and UV free light emission via its white offset satin opal diffuser that delivers a glare free high transmittance factor.

Designed for optimal performance of wide uniform wash light, with significant comparative savings in energy efficiency and maintenance, due to its quick installation system.

Front regressed trim of die cast aluminium, housing made in die formed coated steel, diffuser of satin PMMA.

LED source package is available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures, or the fixture can be used with a preferred LED option. DomoLED surface spotlights are supplied in fully constructed units with LEDs installed, integral control gear is inclusive. Dimming is optional.

DomoLED surface is available in 3 diameter sizes 230mm, 180mm and 95mm, comes in 2 shapes, Round or Square. The DomoLED collection includes other installation/mounting options, as track, pendant and recessed mounting to deliver an aesthetically uniform look when using a combination of different mounting versions throughout a project..

Application areas: offices, hospitals, bathrooms, under canopy, retail, commercial, health and beauty areas, residential.

  • 10 - Black
  • 11 - White
  • 75 - Grey
  • CII
  • CE
  • LED
  • IP20
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
DomoLED 1231-K30 LED 35W 3600 K30-3000K >80
DomoLED 1231-K40 LED 35W 3760 K40-4000K >80
Mini DomoLED 1232-K30 LED 22W 2520 K30-3000K >80
Mini DomoLED 1232-K40 LED 22W 2630 K40-4000K >80
Micro DomoLED 1233-K30 LED 8W 930 K30-3000K >80
Micro DomoLED 1233-K40 LED 8W 950 K40-4000K >80