Diva 2

Surface mounted DC24V miniature cabinet linear luminaire with LED

High quality linear system of small dimensions cross section of 11mm x 9mm or 15mm x 13mm with integrated connecting system for seamless lighting "black spot free". Diva is based on LED for technical and sophisticated interior and can be mounted simply vertically or horizontally via magnet or mounting clips for direct downlight or for angled clips 15°or 45° illumination versions to be ordered separately.

Body made of aluminium inclusive of flat design low brightness control diffuser of satin acrylic. Safe on any applications as it run on DC24V and it uses a remote positioned driver which has to be ordered separately.

LED source package is available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures with wide optical distributions. Diva are supplied in fully constructed units with LEDs installed. Or can be used with a preferred LED option including RGB/tunable white.

DC24V Diva is stocked in various lengths and numerous other accessories are listed including Milky diffusers to eliminate leds hotspots are all available and to be ordered separately. Other versions Diva HO (high output) or Diva 2 Dual (dynamic tunable white) are available.

Application areas: furniture, cabinet, under shelf display, retail, museum, residential.

  • 75 - Grey
  • CIII
  • CE
  • IP20
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
Diva 2 4305-K30 LED 1W 70 K30-3000K >80
Diva 2 4305-K40 LED 1W 75 K40-4000K >80
Diva 2 4301-K30 LED 3W 210 K30-3000K >80
Diva 2 4301-K40 LED 3W 225 K40-4000K >80
Diva 2 4302-K30 LED 4W 280 K30-3000K >80
Diva 2 4302-K40 LED 4W 300 K40-4000K >80
Diva 2 4303-K30 LED 7W 490 K30-3000K >80
Diva 2 4303-K40 LED 7W 525 K40-4000K >80
Diva 2 4304-K30 LED 11W 770 K30-3000K >80
Diva 2 4304-K40 LED 11W 825 K40-4000K >80
Diva 2 4314-K30 LED 15W 1050 K30-3000K >80
Diva 2 4314-K40 LED 15W 1125 K40-4000K >80
Diva 2 Sidefeed 4321-K30 LED 3W 210 K30-3000K >80
Diva 2 Sidefeed 4321-K40 LED 3W 225 K40-4000K >80