Ceiling Surface Mounted Decorative Luminaries with LED
or for fluorescent lamps

Circo is a round, surface luminaire of an architectural, modern decorative design for general lighting, featuring high performance LED light source emitted via an ultra-flat diffuser with a uniformity, high transmittance factor, IR and UV free emission and impressive glare free so combining architectural form and energy saving when compared to traditional fluorescent light source, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Made of injection molded vandal resistant polycarbonate, with passive cooling thermal management, diffuser finish is in satin opal with molded snap-in catch action fixing, durable silicon gasket included, external decorative trim made of coated aluminium.

LED source package is available in 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures, or the fixture can be used with a preferred LED option including RGB or tunable white. Circo surface luminaire is supplied in fully constructed units with LEDs installed, integral control gear is inclusive. Dimming is optional.

Its light head is available in 3 diameter sizes 678mm, 448mm and 348mm, with its IP66.

Other installation/mounting options for the Circo collection include recessed and pendant fixtures to deliver an integrated uniform aesthetic when using a combination of recessed and surface luminaires throughout a project.

Application areas: retail, commercial, hospitality, hospitals, offices, schools and community buildings.

  • 10 - Black
  • 11 - White
  • 75 - Grey
  • CI
  • CE
  • LED
  • IP66
  • 850
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
Circo 1283-K30 LED 80W 6800 K30-3000K >80
Circo 1283-K40 LED 80W 7100 K40-4000K >80
Mini Circo 1286-K30 LED 45W 3800 K30-3000K >80
Mini Circo 1286-K40 LED 45W 4000 K40-4000K >80
Mirco Circo 1289-K30 LED 30W 2650 K30-3000K >80
Mirco Circo 1289-K40 LED 30W 2850 K40-4000K >80