Pendant Spotlight with LED

A comprehensive family of pendant LED spotlights featuring a spherical design committed to encompass an aesthetic, cutting–edge thermal solution to seamlessly blend into surrounding architecture with transparent cable and integral electronic control gear (dimmable version on request) located inside the canopy.

Control gear housing and light head with integrated heat sink for passive cooling are made of die cast aluminium, optical device in formed black coated steel.

LED source package is available in 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures, interchangeable reflectors in a variety of beam angles, or can be used with a preferred LED option. Palla is supplied in fully constructed units with LEDs installed, integral control gear is inclusive. Dimming is optional.

Palla Pendant is available with the light head in 3 diameter sizes 70,100, 130mm. The PALLA collection is also available in other installation options as recessed, track, and surface, to deliver an integrated uniform look when using a combination of mounts throughout a project.

Application areas: retail, commercial, galleries, hospitality, exhibits, hotels, health and beauty areas, residential, office.

  • 10 - Black
  • 11 - White
  • CI
  • CE
  • CCC
  • LED
  • SA
  • IP20
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
Palla Pendant 7127-K30D20 LED 38W 4100 K30-3000K >80 D20-20°
Palla Pendant 7127-K40D20 LED 38W 4280 K40-4000K >80 D20-20°
Palla Pendant 7127-K30D40 LED 38W 4100 K30-3000K >80 D40-40°
Palla Pendant 7127-K40D40 LED 38W 4280 K40-4000K >80 D40-40°
Palla Pendant 7127-K30D50 LED 38W 4100 K30-3000K >80 D50-50°
Palla Pendant 7127-K40D50 LED 38W 4280 K40-4000K >80 D50-50°
Mini Palla Pendant 7126-K30D16 LED 26W 2540 K30-3000K >80 D16-16°
Mini Palla Pendant 7126-K40D16 LED 26W 2650 K40-4000K >80 D16-16°
Mini Palla Pendant 7126-K30D30 LED 26W 2540 K30-3000K >80 D30-30°
Mini Palla Pendant 7126-K40D30 LED 26W 2650 K40-4000K >80 D30-30°
Mini Palla Pendant 7126-K30D60 LED 26W 2540 K30-3000K >80 D60-60°
Mini Palla Pendant 7126-K40D60 LED 26W 2650 K40-4000K >80 D60-60°
Micro Palla Pendant 7125-K30D18 LED 16W 1460 K30-3000K >80 D18-18°
Micro Palla Pendant 7125-K40D18 LED 16W 1540 K40-4000K >80 D18-18°
Micro Palla Pendant 7125-K30D26 LED 16W 1460 K30-3000K >80 D26-26°
Micro Palla Pendant 7125-K40D26 LED 16W 1540 K40-4000K >80 D26-26°
Micro Palla Pendant 7125-K30D38 LED 16W 1460 K30-3000K >80 D38-38°
Micro Palla Pendant 7125-K40D38 LED 16W 1540 K40-4000K >80 D38-38°