ALA Down&Up

Linear pendant modular system with LED

Ala Pendant luminaire has elegant shallow system modules engineered to provide seamless lighting in various lengths in both direct and direct/Indirect using highly efficient LED. Equipped of prismatic diffuser it creates homogenous distribution of light upon the working plane with high glare-free to satisfy the current standard for DSE workstations (UGR<16).

Structure made of extruded aluminium with die cast end caps with concealed fasteners. The diffuser made of extruded UV resistant satin white acrylic specially design for LEDs so is “Dot Free” while creating a high quality uniform illumination. Supplied with per-installed 1.5 meter electrical cable and suspended wire cable mount adjustable.

LED source package versions of tight binning for color consistency within 2 MacAdam ellipses with dense pitch for uniform output, versions feature passive cooling thermal management available in 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures, or can be used with a preferred LED option including tunable white. Ala profiles are supplied in fully constructed units with LEDs installed, integral control gear is inclusive. Dimming is optional.

Ala family program is available as Pendant or wall mounted versions as well as Up&Down light solutions.

Application areas: office, retail, residential, shopping malls, commercial, galleries, hospitality, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, exhibitions, showrooms, department stores.

  • 10 - Black
  • 11 - White
  • 75 - Grey
  • CI
  • CE
  • LED
  • IP40
  • 850
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
ALA Pendant 7179-K30 LED 210W 12210 K30-3000K >80
ALA Pendant 7179-K40 LED 210W 22542 K40-4000K >80
ALA Pendant 7165-K30 LED 141W 8162 K30-3000K >80
ALA Pendant 7165-K40 LED 141W 15028 K40-4000K >80
ALA Pendant 7178-K30 LED 104W 10332 K30-3000K >80
ALA Pendant 7178-K40 LED 104W 11271 K40-4000K >80
ALA Pendant Down Light 7182-K30 LED 141W 13776 K30-3000K >80
ALA Pendant Down Light 7182-K40 LED 141W 15028 K40-4000K >80
ALA Pendant Down Light 7181-K30 LED 94W 9184 K30-3000K >80
ALA Pendant Down Light 7181-K40 LED 94W 10019 K40-4000K >80
ALA Pendant Down Light 7180-K30 LED 71W 6888 K30-3000K >80
ALA Pendant Down Light 7180-K40 LED 71W 7514 K40-4000K >80