Moto-Ola Pendant

Motorized pendant mounted spotlight with light body and mounting clamps in cast aluminium. Supplied with ceiling canopy and pre-installed 2 x 1.5m pendant steel wires inclusive of electrical connection.

The entire luminaire is tiltable vertically 40° in two directions. Furthermore the internal light head is tiltable 320°. The movements of the fixture, as well as the intensity and the white colour tuning of the light, are controlled via CASAMBI application.

Pendant luminaire with a modern look, providing direct/indirect illumination. Thanks to the MOTOLUX technology can be adjusted to accurately aimed the zone to illuminate.

Application areas: museums, retail, restaurants, hotels.

* For other CCT options, DimToWarm versions please see the complete list in our MOTOLUX brochure, download it by clicking here or contact us.

  • 10 - Black
  • 11 - White
  • CI
  • CE
  • LED
  • IP20
  • D2W
Product Name Code Light Source
+ Socket
Power lm Colour temperature CRI Optics Quick downloads
Moto-Ola 100 M705-904038 LED 17W 2041 C40 - 4000K >90 D38-38°
Moto-Ola 100 M705-903038 LED 17W 1934 C30 - 3000K >90 D38-38°
Moto-Ola 100 M705-903024 LED 17W 1934 C30 - 3000K >90 D24-24°
Moto-Ola 100 M705-904024 LED 17W 2041 C40 - 4000K >90 D24-24°
Moto-Ola 100 M705-904015 LED 17W 2041 C40 - 4000K >90 D15-15°
Moto-Ola 100 M705-903015 LED 17W 1934 C30 - 3000K >90 D15-15°