Forma Lighting stands for intelligent lighting design. Based on the professional experience, passion and knowledge of Forma Lighting’s dedicated R&D team, we proudly maintain our exceptional proficiency and expertise in our qualitative analysis of every component, every state-of-the-art manufacturing process and every cutting-edge evolving, energy-saving technology, in order to continuously improve our products and their compatibility with the industry’s prerequisites.

Forma Lighting is particularly sensitive to the continuously changing scope of lighting design, as interlocutors recognize the importance of increasing variables such as photometry, colorimetric, lumen output, thermal management solutions and energy efficiency, within the specifications for general lighting. Consequently, Forma has developed its “smart source” concept, to offer the optimal light source for practically any application, created from Forma’s heavy investment in advanced high-tech manufacturing equipment, ranging from a full size calibrated photogoniometer to a spectrophotometer, as well as intricate aluminum die-cast molds for optimal thermal performance, top-quality extrusion and premium painting.

Forma Lighting’s recently renovated manufacturing facility also houses sophisticated testing equipment in our laboratories, granting our product designers and engineers the flexibility to manipulate lighting variables in order to optimize our product’s compatibility without compromising the fixture’s design, aesthetic or performance.

Inviting an open dialogue with our customers, architects, designers, engineers and students, the Forma team co-sponsor seminars and workshops to discuss fundamental topics, like lighting technologies, in addition to exchanging our research with our peers via professional platforms, such as ‘Zhaga’.