Originating as a family-run organization, throughout decades of innovative architectural lighting, Forma Lighting has been striving and dedicating itself to protect the environment for the future generations.The application and use of high efficiency performance lamps combined with high precision optics design as well as specialist lighting engineering designs illustrates Forma Lighting’s objective to proudly provide ‘Light for a Greener Tomorrow’. As lighting system providers, Forma Lighting believes in its responsibility todirect product development towards the deliverability of a sustainable lighting future by investing her resources into contributing innovative designs to the market, encompassed by a genuine appreciation for the on-going advancements of the emerging lamp source of LED technology and its positive impact.By embracing her membership to the Zhaga consortium - an industry-wide cooperation aimed at the development of standardizing specifications for the interfaces of LED light engines - Forma Lighting’s R&D department obtainedaccess to relevant information and a global platform to cultivate the understanding of the continuous, rapidly developing LED technology.

Additional practices such as the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions, the use of recyclable materials and the provision of favorable working environments are all fundamental elements of Forma Lighting’s “green” commitments, which our offices implement under the guidance of local associations.