Forma Lighting protagonizes light via its design of minimalist, architetural lighting fixtures to seamlessly blend into any architectural space and cultivate three fundemental elements of lighting, which when combined elevate the spacial sensory experience; function, communication and emotion.

Embracing sophisticated engineering techniques and advanced lighting technology, Forma Lighting delivers function by way of uniform, high performance task lighting for optimal visual comfort to render a practical, energy-efficient, ergonomic environment.

By designing adaptable luminaries with the flexibility of adjustability and photometric mastery, Forma Lighting offers the designer control to enable communication through lighting, using the architectural space as a backdrop for the information or image that the designer wishes to capture the observer’s focus.

With the simultanous manipulation of various optical features, the interchangeable nature and wide compatibility of Forma Lighting’s fixtures create an enterprise of accent lighting solutions and contrasts that reach out to an observer’s emotions, effecting the light to reveal suggestive paths, zones and interactions within the architectural space.